Efficient Windshield Repair in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

If your car’s damage is severe, then windscreen replacement may be the only course of action. However, when the crack or chip is more moderate, then windscreen repair is a viable option. A windscreen repair consists of injecting a specially formulated resin into the damaged area, creating a
strong structural bond with the glass. Visit our workshop, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, to speak to an expert about your next steps. At Autoshield Windscreens (Nationwide) Ltd, we do everything possible to ensure that you’re given great service every time.

Importance of Repairs and Replacement

To ensure safety, your windscreen must be maintained and in good condition. Cracks and other damage may weaken the strength of the windscreen or affect vision through the glass. Major damage may require a windscreen replacement, but minor damage means that a repair is more feasible.

We’re normally able to repair a chipped windscreen for free, subject to insurance cover. Some excess may apply to this service.

Information about Windscreens

Most cars on the road today have windscreens made from laminated glass. This is a sandwich of two pieces of glass, with a plastic interlayer in-between. While the outer layer of this laminate may crack, much of the glass remains intact, assuming that the accident isn’t too severe.

This is largely due to the safety standards now required for windscreens, covering aspects such as:

Optical Quality - Strength - Fracture Performance - Resistance to the Effects of Weathering

The British Code of Practice

The British Standard Code of Practice, BS AU 242A 1998, sets out guidelines for when windscreens may be repaired and when they may not.

Windscreen Repair Diagram

Within Zones B, C, and D, no two repaired areas should be closer to each other than 100mm.

The code of practice also makes recommendations governing:
- The Type and Size of Damage Which May Be Repaired
- The Area on the Windscreen in Which a Repair May Be Made
- Procedures to Be Followed by the Repairer
- Steps Necessary to Assess the Quality of the Completed Repair
- Reports and Records to Be Completed and Retained by the Repairer

Zone A

- Area 290mm Wide
- Centred on Steering Wheel
- Bounded by Wiped Area above and below
- Damage Contained within a Circle of 10mm in Diameter May Be Repaired

Zone A

- Driver-Wiped Area, Excluding Zone A
- Damage Contained within a Circle of 15mm Diameter May Be Repaired

Zone C

- Passenger-Wiped Area, Excluding Zone B
- Damage Contained within a Circle of 25mm Diameter May Be Repaired

Zone D

- Area Excluding Zones A, B and C
- Damage Contained within a Circle of 40mm Diameter May Be Repaired